Charity Focus 2017

Helping support important causes...

We have decided to donate $1000 to charity this Christmas.

Our team have each picked their own charity to donate too, funds will be divided between the 4 charities in December. The funds will be split between charities depending on the weight of the vote towards them.

How you can help!

Vote which charity you think we should support:

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The Team at RAZOR Web Design

Matt Reid - Director

Matt Reid

spca charity

"I choose SPCA since they help not only look after strays, abandoned and mistreated animals - but also help pet owners by giving free desexing clinics etc. They truely are a hard-working, dedicated organisation that helps animals across Auckland & New Zealand"

Ryan - Graphic Designer

Ryan Saunders

speld charity

"SPELD is a charity/company dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities and dyslexia. My mother and sister both have Dyslexia and my younger sister has benefItted from SPELD, improving her learning skills. I was not even aware SPELD was a charity until now. But seeing as my sister benefitted from SPELD, I think other kids could too."

Sam Roseweir

Sam Roseweir

youthline charity

"In NZ, we have the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world which is pretty crazy considering we're supposed to have a really good quality of life here. Youthline are struggling with the sheer volume of calls they receive as they don't have the capacity to cope with it. The demand for their services has increased by 70% over the last decade and it seems not enough is being done to compensate for that. It's very upsetting knowing that its is such a major problem in our country."

Louis Rodgers

Louis Rodgers

westpac rescue helicopter charity

"Recently, a family suffered a heart attack while in a rural area, hours from a hospital by road, if it wasn't for the swift action of the Westpac Rescue heliptor, I feel that they may not be alive today."

Voting is now closed!

We donated over $1000 in December to these charities:

  • Westpac Rescue Helicopter (Waikato) - $480
  • SPCA (Auckland) - $220
  • SPELD - $180
  • YouthLine - $170
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