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Sample Javascript Game Fully Developed by RAZOR

Catch the mints in the game below! Avoid the coffee drops! The higher your score, the more chances to win!

Play the game!

Click here to play now!

How to play...

  1. Click the 'Play Now' button
  2. Drag the hand and catch the mints! Avoid the coffee drops, they will cause you to loose points!
  3. Collect as many points as possible within 30 seconds
  4. You get 1 extra enrty for every 10 points you earn

Point Scoring


-1 Point

Bonus Mint

3 Points

Regular Mint

5 Point


Disclaimer: You are permitted to play the game once, this game is suitable only for Desktop and Tablet devices with a screen size greater than 1024x768.

Sound effects are kindly provided by Sound Bible, background audio is composed by Ben Sound.

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