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RAZOR Web Design Wire Podcast with Matt Reid - How to Structure Your Services Page

Hey, welcome back episode 92 today, talking about how to structure your services page on the website.

If you're in a simple business, let's say you're a lawn mower. You only need really one page for the services you offer. You can start with a brief intro break into some bullet points. We mow lawns. We do the edges of your driveway. We cut the hedges, we do some weed eating where required and so forth.

So the basic single page will do perfect for you if you're a kind of single service, that's pretty straight to the point.

If you're a lawyer, for example, the best thing I can suggest is rather than cramming, every service you offer onto one page. Is to have an index page of your services.

So, we are a local law firm and we specialize in family law and trusts and blah, blah, blah, blah. We've been around 30 years, brief introduction then below that guys have say six tiles and each tile might be the different legal areas you practice in. So it may be property law. It may be trusts. It may be commercial or whatever. Start creating the tiles for each of those key areas. And obviously put the service that is most popular first on the list and then list, each of those tiles with an image and with a brief bit of information as to each of those services. Then make it so that you can click and read more on each of them. When you click read more, it takes to a page where you've then got more information specifically on commercial law, specifically on property law, do that.

And then you're giving people a more easy way to break through the different bits of content on your website. Plus when you split the pages into their own actual individual page. So you've got a page dedicated to property law, page dedicated to trusts. Not only can you put more information on each of those services through those pages, obviously, but you can also benefit more from SEO and benefit more from Google showing you up on searches when people search specifically for commercial law in your area. So split your services up onto separate pages and do it that way. If you're a simple business, you offer one service, stick to one page and keep it nice and simple.

Anyway, guys, that's Matt from the Razor Web Design wired podcast? And thanks for listening. Cheers.