image of Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important things you have to do for your website. Your domain name will communicate important information not only to your visitors but also with search engine bots.

You should make sure from the start you've got the right domain name for your business. It should be short and easy to spell. This is really important especially if you've been talking to your customers on the phone - when they’ll ask you for your email or website, it would be better if it’s easy to memorize. Your customers and visitors should be able to type your domain name without a problem. If you have to explain the spelling more than once for it to be understood, it’s just really complicated. The last thing you want is for your potential visitors to mistype your domain and end up on a different website!

If you use your name as your domain name, most people will mistakenly spell your name wrong especially when your name can be spelled in different ways. If this is the case, you have to make sure that you reserved all the variations of that spelling, so if someone does type in your email wrong or your website wrong, you still get their email and it would still direct them to the right website. This is really important because someone could be sending you a $10,000 deal - it would be a big problem if it ends up in another email. So, you really have to make sure that you have seen every possible combination of your company name - that when someone does spell it wrong, you will still get it and you will still get to reply to that important email.

These are just simple things to consider when choosing a domain name. You can also visit Glass Frog and check to see if your domain name is available. If it’s available then we can set up your website for you. RAZOR web registers your domain name for free on your behalf, so get in touch!