image of SEO or Google Ads

Which is the best for you?

Don't get confused, people often wonder whats better. SEO for the their website or just Google ads.

Whats the difference?

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is basically tweaking your website in an array of areas to help it perform better on searches. This involves proactive website tweaks that overtime alter (ideally for the good) your websites rank positioning. These include things like adding relevant keywords to your content that relate to searches your potential customers make, to even optimising the size of your images to load quicker on mobile devices! SEO is not expensive, but it takes time for results to show, unlike ads which are instantaneous!

Google Ads are essentially the same as putting an ad in the newspaper, however, you pay every time someone CLICKS your ad. So if you get a million people see your ad and just one of them click it, you'll only pay for the one click (if your ad DID get one click for a million views you're doing something wrong! But anywho...) - So the idea is with Google ads is to write an ad that is (A) relevant to the search (B) captures the potential lead to click your ad and (C) gets them to actually enquire once they click the ad. It's important BOTH your ad AND website help drive the potential customers to CALL or buy online!

What do we recommend?

Well it depends, in general, with a website thats SEO optimised, you'll have a longer lasting feature on searches, the initial results are time consuming and take weeks to sometimes show, however they have a lasting effect. Google Ads are only putting you up the top when you're paying, pull-pin on the ads and you're gone!

Sometimes we just recommend Google Ads, especially when you're in a less competitive industry, you can pay as little as $0.20 - $0.50 per click... and you're #1 in searches. Where as SEO puts you up the top a perfect world BUT Google Ads ALWAYS trump the search engine optimised websites, i.e. ads are always first!

So it's your call, but we personally think Google Ads is often the better path to follow!