image of What is a Zoom Meeting?

Amid world-wide chaos in relation to the COVID19 "Coronavirus" that is circulating, people are now looking to new ways of communicating without the requirement of being physically present in the mist of others.

After trying many different tools and platforms out there, for the typical business-owner, it can become bewildering to figure out which system you should use to manage conference calls - let alone every other day to day activity! (Like accounting, word processing, virus protection and so forth).

If you haven't heard of ZOOM, or don't really know what it is, basically it's a tool that lets you talk and video other people (business colleagues, friends & family). This is done using a computer or smart device (such as iPhone, tablet or smartphone).

Zoom allows you to use your devices microphone, camera and screen to share various content. In most cases its used by business colleagues to have virtual meetings where multiple people can talk to each other all at once.

Where do I get it? If you visit their website - - you can sign up and download the software instantly.

What do I need? At the end of the day, a good computer is a start! Even better, if you have a decent phone you can download the App for Zoom and make use of your devices built-in camera and microphone. For your computer you will need a little bit of tech such as a microphone and webcam. (Most modern laptops have this all built-in)

Does it cost? Like anything good in life, there is a cost involved. However, Zoom has a FREE version that you can use to host conversations. Or 'meetings' as Zoom call them. The only major limit on the free version is you cannot have meetings for longer than 40 minutes at a time. But hey, great deal for a free software.

If you've got a website, you can post links to your Zoom meetings where clients can easily get access to your Zoom meeting room, helping you save time mailing all your clients constantly meeting links. Just make sure you have a password loaded!

While the coronavirus surely will blow over pretty quick in our eyes, make sure you're adapting and creating other ways of communicating with clients in your business!