image of Best Ways To Accept Payments Online

There are important features that every eCommerce website must have to do business and the most essential of them all is payments. If you can’t take online payments, then the main goal of your business which is making money is impossible. Making it as easy for your customers to pay is essential for increasing sales and conversions.

When you are setting up an eCommerce shop, it's really important that you offer your customers an easy way to pay for their orders online and get straight into it.

What I can recommend for you to use is PayPal. Paypal is one of the biggest and most familiar online payment options. The site has over 254 million users. That’s a lot of people who would have an easier time purchasing on your website if you let them checkout with Paypal. Other options include Windcave, ANZ eGate, Paystation and Paymark, or use bank transfer for those who don't want to use their credit card.

There are also other options like laybuy or afterpay, if you sell high-ticket items that are over $100 like clothing, shoes, electronics. Using a laybuy provider or afterpay is a great way to get more sales for your website, as people who are tight on cash obviously don't want to fork out $300 right away. They can get the bonus of getting the product from you straight away, and the next day, you as the retailer will still get paid upfront. The customer can get your product and pay it off over 4-6 weeks depending on who you choose as your provider. This means that it's a win-win and you can obviously be more appealing because you can give people what they want without them having to pay for it upfront. Just another little bonus in there, you don't actually take any liability in most cases on those funds, so if the customer did end up defaulting or not paying the product off, you wouldn't get a loss for it.

Feel free to talk to us about what would suit your business best and we'll give you some ideas on what payment solutions you should use on your eCommerce website.