image of Photos Sell Your Business

Good photos go a long way.

Ever been to a site full of text and you don't know where to look? Does it look cluttered and unstructured?

That's where photos are a key part of your website. Good quality, professional photos.

Most businesses lack in the following areas when it comes to photos on their website:

  • They use cheap stock photos, for example: the real cheesy 'polished' businessman photos, or the team photo all giving the thumbs up!
  • Their photos are low resolution, badly lit, and often are blurry
  • They are out-dated or irrelevant to the content on the page

This can say a LOT about a business... I.e. their attention to detail may be hazed if the photos on their website are messy.

How can you fix this? Yes, photographers are expensive in some cases. But the value of good quality photos of your team, your services or products etc... can really help SELL your business to those browsing your services online.

Photos are CRITICAL for those in the industry where they're selling a VISUAL service. For example: Lawyers - people want to see the lawyer they're dealing with, Home Builders - people want to see what they've built in the past, Kindergartens - Parents want to see the people looking after their kids & the facilities.

Tip: If you are a builder and have new projects all the time, perhaps get a photography just once a year to go through a few properties or better yet, take the best photo you can and see if your web designer (for example RAZOR!) can tidy them up to a more professional standard for you.

Don't skip on photos! Make sure they're the best they can be, and you WILL attract more business.