image of How Much Should A Website Cost?

This is obviously one of the biggest questions that we get asked when we see a new customer. The hard thing is that in web design, slopes can range in price from literally nothing or free, to extremely expensive. But what most of the people didn’t know is if you do it yourself, it will probably cost you even more - even thousands of dollars in some cases.

In RAZOR web, we have a simple pricing structure for our customers. We start with a one-page website that generally costs $899 NZD + GST then step it up to a decent four-five pages website which starts from about $2500 NZD + GST. If you want a full online retail system set up and ready to go, we charge $4,500 NZD + GST to get those going.

Before you make a decision regarding the price, you've got to consider what value you are getting out of it. At RAZOR web, we design all our websites from scratch to match your brand. We don't use a template - lots of web designers charge a lot of money and just pull the website template off the internet and make your brand fit around it. We don't do that. We custom design it, make sure you're happy with it, make sure we get your input, and more importantly we always make sure we know what your customer likes. In this case, we can factor it in when designing your website. Secondly, we set everything up for you - everything from content to making a mobile-friendly search engine optimization. We can even help with adding products. We do all of these for our customers as part of the set up so you don't have to get left at the end of the day with a bare bones website and still not ready to go.

Basically, with RAZOR web, you're paying for a full all-in-one service from a one-stop shop. We have a team that works here that focuses on design, developing, making things mobile friendly, making things easy to read and look. You're getting expertise from each of our staff members. We will make sure everything was done right from the start so you will not be coming for us back and forth just to fix something wrong. At the end of the day, we don't just get you a website just because you want one, we want a website that gets us more business through the door. So, if you want to get more business through the door, then come and talk to us - we have great packages available. We also have interest-free payment terms. I also started this business from scratch, from my home, in my parents house. I didn't have money to start with, so I know how hard it can be when starting up a business or running a growing business. We are here to help make things easy for you to pay off over a period of time without charging any interest.