3rd July 2016

Brochure Design
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Brochures are key marketing material to give to potential clients & customers where they don't have direct access to your website. They can contain vital information generally including your business details, contact information and what you can do.

RAZOR recommends you have a standard business card and brochure designed with your business so if you're going to a networking group, meeting or place where you won't have access to show your website; you can produce an impressive presentation of designed media that will give your business a professional look & feel.

Key things to think about when getting a brochure designed is: Who am I targeting? What is the key thing I'm trying to convey / sell? Is there a comparison or compelling bit of information to help support my product / services benefit? And how can people get in contact? Make sure each is clear and concise. Not to vague but not too detailed. Just the key points and reasons!

Why spend time trying to slave doing something yourself that won't look as good as pros? RAZOR Web Design can offer a professional design that reflects your businesses product and services effectively.

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