7th July 2016

To scroll or not to scroll?
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Many people tell me, "can my site be all on the front page, without the requirement to scroll?". My first response in general is "yes, but no". There are some good reasons to have your information above the fold (in the view able window) yet also it's not as critical as you may think.

More and more browsing on the web is going nowadays to mobile & tablet. Think about it, when you view a website on a mobile, do you ever scroll? Yes will definitely be your answer! On a mobile, being so small, we have to scroll to view the whole website / article / email / text we want to view. It's a natural gesture we've become accustomed to using these devices.

Same with a computer, the scroll bar is there for a reason. I tell that to my clients who ask for everything 'on the page' when you get there. What I recommend to them is:

A) You put the key information you're trying to sell on the top, i.e. what you sell / do, what price or what key benefits you offer over the others.
B) People don't want to see 'everything' on the page when they get there, just a quick 'yes/no' whether your company is the one they're looking for... Therefore we can move more of the detailed stuff down the page that people can read if they feel inclined to.

So when you're trying think about your webpage content, don't "cram" everything above the fold. Try think of a smart, linear structure that places your content in order of relevance and understanding. Remember, you only have around 3 seconds to capture the users attention.

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