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Web Podcast - Episode 36: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Website

In this episode Matt talks about why your business needs a website. Whether you're flourishing off of word of mouth referrals or just getting started in business - every new company can utilise a website for growth!

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Hey everyone, Episode 36 today and we're talking about 5 reasons why you should still have a website, why you need a website, why if you don't have a website you should have one. So anyway, let's get into it guys.

Basically, Number 1 is - one of the main reasons I tell people "you need a website" is because you're constantly surrounded by distractions when your business's on a platform, so if you've got a LinkedIn business page or you've got a Facebook business page; you're constantly still within a framework that can cause distraction to the person browsing your page. So, if I'm on Facebook looking at a business page and all the sudden a notification pops up; I've got a message from Joe Blogs or whatever his name is, or someone liked my post or someone shared my post or someone reacted with an angry face to your post - it's distracting, so people are gonna leave or they're gonna be less likely at-least to stay on your page. So, what I'm getting at is - the problem with social media and even business directory websites, is that you'll find that people will go and visit them and then "Oh, that business there looks interesting, I'll click on and view that." and "Oh, I'll click on that one aswell.", and they just go in a circle. And they go to all these different businesses pages and then all of a sudden, they don't even remember who you were or what you were. So, you've got to make sure that, you still have a website so that you can really separate yourself out, and that leaves me onto point Number 2.

So you're in control - when you've got a website; you're in control of what the user is experiencing, so the 'User Experience'. So you could control the look, the feel; you can pretty much do anything you want, absolutely anything you want as long as they're happy with it. But you can do anything want and you're not sort of bound to a framework, so like a framework like Facebook you've got to have a profile photo, a cover photo and a title, but you can't have nice big photo that's the full-width of the page or you can't have a massive one-liner up the top and you can't have your own colours; If you get where I'm going at? So you can't really have it how you want it, where-as a website - you can have it how you want it. You can do it exactly how you want it, but obviously, you've still got to make sure it suits your customer and your target audience (Like I said in previous episodes), so you're in control of your user experience. Now the other good things about that is - on Facebook for example; you CAN have a button on your Facebook page that saids 'Shop Now', but you can do that on your website aswell. and you can have a phone number up there aswell and you can also have a thing saying 'Download our brochure' or 'Join our newsletter', where-as Facebook and other platforms are a little more limiting in that sense, they don't let you do exactly what you want to do. So it's very important you still have a website for that reason.

Now, Number 3...