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E-Trade-Pacific is a online trading website where buyers from the Pacific Islands & around the world can buy & sell online.


  • Listing items for sale in over 1000+ categories
  • Add an image for your listing
  • Set start, buy now and reserve price, or an asking price for classified auctions
  • View current bid / price on your listing


The E-Trade-Pacific app takes the hassle out of listing by enabling you to sell your items on the go or in those times where you just can't be bothered taking a photo, uploading it to your computer and listing through the website.

More features to come in later releases.

To use the app, just sign up for an account at:

FAQ / Support

What is my username & password?
These are the details you used when you signed up on our website. If you are not a member yet and require a username and password, go to E-Trade-Pacific.com/members/register.php.
I'm updating / creating a listing and it's been 'Loading...' for longer than a few seconds?
This is common, often loading times can be lengthy when you are uploading an image (of high resolution) and / or are working via a slower network connection. 3G & LTE connections may be less stable versus a wireless connection. If you find the process takes more than 2 minutes, try again by restarting the app.


## Version 1.2 - 29.10.2013 ##
- Added iOS7 compatibility
- Numerous bug fixes
- Added 10 listings max, then a 'load more' button under 'my listings'

## Version 1.1 - 11.05.2013 ##
- Tidied up the session management. After 1 hour, your session expires and you must sign in again.
- Repositioned sign in fields to better suit iPhone 4/4S users.
- Fixed bug that caused new listings to loose their data when a category was being selected.
- Changed 'Done' buttons to green to emphasis their presense.
- Added app info icon for about details.

## Version 1.0 - 25.04.2013 ##
- Released with base features:
* Selling
* Manage live listings
* Upload photos

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