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Brains tired? Not working today? GST Genie is your friendly pocket app that helps you quickly work out the GST on products & services. Whether it's $1.00 or $1,000,000, it'll take the guess-work out of calculating GST.

GST Genie grants wishes for both GST inclusive AND exclusive prices. Incorporating the Canadian, New Zealand and Australian GST rates.

GST Genie will show you the GST content of the value entered as well as the inclusive / exclusive total depending on what method you selected.

Supported rates:

  1. New Zealand: 15.0%, 12.5%
  2. Australia: 10.0%
  3. Canada: 5%, 13%, 14%, 15%

FAQ / Support

How do I work out GST?
In the 'TOTAL' field, enter your total value that you want to work with. For instance, 100. You can then see instantly it calculates the GST on the total. You can view different GST calculations by selecting a different rate or type.
What rates are supported?
GST Genie supports the rates for New Zealand, Canada & Australia. Those being 12.5%, and the newer 15% for NZ; and 10% for Australia. Also now supported is the latest rates for Canada.
Can I find a value using just the GST value?
No, that is not supported as of yet.


## Version 1.1 - 24.05.2013 (PRELIMINARY) ##
- Support added for Canada. These are: 5%, 13%, 14%, 15%. These rates are applied for use as of April 2013.
- Replaced the segmented rates bar with a pop-up picker view with labels.
- Added feature that remembers your selected rate after restarting the app.
- Replaced Keyboard with Numeric Pad for more practical input of figures.

## Version 1.0 - 05.05.2013 ##

- Released with base features:
* GST @ rates of 12.5, 15 & 10% (AU)
* GST Inclusive & Exclusive Prices
* GST Contents & GST Excl/Incl Totals

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