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TelText2 is a social business app for users to communicate with friends, family & colleagues.

With texting and calling, you can easily keep in touch and instantly communicate with each-other.

TelText2 also implements the 'BizWall' which allows businesses to post ads to the wall to advertise deals. These posts can be used to market new products, specials & more to their countries TelText2 users.

FAQ / Support

How do I add a contact?
Tap on the 'Contacts' tab item and press the '+' to add a contact. Enter their local mobile number and then hit 'Save'. If the user is using TelText2, you can then send them text messages & more.
What countries are supported?
New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga. Other countries are supported however the verification message is not guaranteed to arrive. You can contact us to manually enable your membership.
Can I block someone?
This feature is not yet possible sorry, if you are being bullied, harassed or offended by any users please contact us.
Can I call landlines and/or real phones with TelText2?
No, this feature is not available, you can only make contact with people who already use the App.


## Version 1.1 - 27.09.2013 ##

- Added dial pad for entering numbers along with dialtones
- Optimised for iOS7
- Numerous bug fixes
- Added search bar for contacts

## Version 1.0 - 18.07.2013 ##

- Released with base features:
* Calling & Texting
* BizWall
* Push Notifications & Alert Sounds
* Contacts Management

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