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Managing Testimonials

How to Add, Delete, and Update Testimonials.


How to add a Testimonial

1. Click on 'Testimonials' in the left hand menu

2. Click on 'New Testimonial' located at the top left of the page

3. Add information to each section as needed

4. Click 'Publish Testimonial' loacted at the top right of the page

5. The end result should look like this

How to Update a Testimonial

1. Click on 'Testimonials' in the left hand menu.

2. A list of current lisitings should appear below.

These are existing Testimonials that show up on your site.

3. To update, click on 'Edit' located to the right on each Testimonial.

4. From here, you can update the Testimonials attributes

Title, Testimonial from, and Content.

5. Click 'Save Testimonial' located in the top right corner.

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