Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee covers you for making sure your web or graphic design project is delivered how you want it. Meaning you are satisfied with the design, layout, content & functionality.

The satisfaction guarantee applies to the original quoted brief, if the project does not meet the functionality, design or content, it will be made to conform at no cost to the client. If no possible way is available to make this work-out, we will at no-cost find another way or similar way to achieve this with the clients input.

This guarantee brings peace-of-mind knowing you are getting what you asked for, at the price quoted.

Disclaimer: Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to web & graphic design projects for up to 60 days after delivery is made. The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to unpaid for work or work that is in RAZOR Web Design Limited's ownership. The guarantee is limited to labour involved in mending the issue, no refunds are givin on projects that do not meet the criteria unless if agreed upon by RAZOR Web Design Limited AND the other party. The guarantee is voided if the site is (but limited to) hacked, tampered with, overloaded and/or contains illegal content.